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Kuva: Nimekirjana / Võrgustikuna
Einekarp SALABAM

Salad or storage box made from borosilicate glass with a bamboo lid and silicone band. Store a freshly homemade salad in this stylish designed glass bowl. The bamboo lid gives the box a natural and stylish look. The total capacity is 1200ml which is more than enough space to fit a healthy meal. The silicone band can close the bowl and makes sure the cover stays on. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in colour and size per item, which can affect the final decoration outcome.


2.4 cdm3

Tootekood: MO6314-22
12,10 €
Tootekood: kaal
10,48 €
Laste põll Vienna

·205 g/m² ·65% Polyester, 35% Cotton ·Colourfast ·Easy care ·Reactive dyed ·Safety fastener on neck tie (no danger of suffocation) ·Ties to waist ·Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm ·Washable up to 60°C

Tootekood: JG21K
Al. 7,27 €
Lõikelaud Ellwood
  • Materjal: puit

  • Toote mõõt: 30 x 20 x 1,2 cm


  • Tootele pakume graveeringut!

Tootekood: MO8861-40
6,42 €
Põll Kitab
  • 180 g/m2 puuvillasest materjalist põll

  • 65 x 90 cm


  • Tootele pakume siiditrükki, digitrükki ja tikandit!


Tootekood: MO7251
4,34 €
Tassialuste komplekt
Tootekood: Tassialused
9,28 €
  • bambus

  • 19,5x20,5x5,8cm

  • Tootele pakume lasergraveeringut ja siiditrükki

Tootekood: ESZ32003
18,92 €
  • bambus

  • 27x22x7cm

  • Tootele pakume lasergraveeringut ja siiditrükki

Tootekood: ESZ8473
28,38 €