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Kõlar mikrofoniga BLARE

Tootekood: 97257
23,04 €
BLARE is a modern and discreet design speaker with microphone in ABS. The speaker is an object that becomes an everyday ally due to its technical and functional characteristics, such as a dedicated button to answer calls, and possibility to connect to your mobile's playlist. BLARE has a 5'0 Bluetooth transmission, with a range of up to 10m and frequency of 90Hz-20kHz. It has a capacity of up to 500 mAh, 3W/4Ω and autonomy up to 6h. Includes a charging cable and AUX connection for a 3.5mm Jack. Supplied in a gift box. 60 x 63 x 70 mm | Box: 120 x 139 x 83 mm
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97257-103 Black 23,04 €